What is a "virtual tour"?


A virtual tour consists of several 360 ° spherical panorama photos,

which we manufacture using the latest 360 ° camera technology.


These are combined into a tour in special software, in which the visitor can look around freely using a mouse or VR glasses.


The visitor can move from panorama photo to panorama photo using predefined positions, whereby the movement transition is almost fluid.

Why should I order a virtual tour?


Every virtual tour can be designed to be interactive and extremely interesting in all areas.


Using so-called "points of interest" or "interactive elements"

visitors can learn and experience more about certain areas in the tour.


This brings immense added value and a high reach for your company.


The following elements can be integrated as interactive elements:


  • Text descriptions

  • Photos and galleries

  • Audio & video files (including 360 ° videos)

  • Links and homepages

  • Downloadable content and documents

  • 3D objects

  • Site plan or floor plan


Can a virtual tour be adapted to my corporate design?


Absolutely, we would even recommend this in order to be able to visually assign the tour to your company.

We would be happy to design your tour according to your corporate colors, fonts and logos.


The loading screen, which appears before the tour starts, can also be customized.


How can I integrate the completed tour on my homepage?


There are two options here.


  1. You receive the file structure by means of data transfer or a data carrier

u nd host the tour on their own web server.


2. We host the tour for you on our web server and you just have to do it

Embed it on your website via HTML code.



The tours can of course be shared on social networks and on request

we will also send you an offline version as a file to be executed,

which can be played on PC and Mac even without an internet connection.


All tours are compatible with mobile devices and can be visited.




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Kindergarten & Children's Nest - Zillingdorf


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