"Change is the only constant in life."

Heraclitus of Ephesus



Exterior and Interior Visualisations of Architectural Objects and Real Estate

Event Visualisation

Product Visualisation

360° Panorama Pictures

360° Video Clips

3D Animations

Lightning Simulations

Concept Visualisations

Surface and Colorstudies

360° rotating Product Visualisations f.e. for Online Shops

3D Modellierung und Visualisierung zur Produktentwicklung

3D Logos, Fonts and Lettering

3D floor plans

3D layout maps


...and many more.

I´m creating 3D models from your sketches, drafts or 2D drawings and present them in a photorealistic or conceptual way.

In the desired environment and placement, with the lighting conditions and surfaces you want.


I also gladly offer you my personal suggestions for visual implementation.


Hereby i would like to thank all these companies for putting their trust in my service and i´m looking forward to more exciting projects.



Behind the name "Black Pixel" stands a one-man company,

which was launched in 2019 by me, Walter Prettenthaler.

In my many years working as a draftsman and designer of mechanical engineering parts,

I was particularly fascinated by the three-dimensional representation of components.

My technical skills, my good spatial representation and my creativity helped me later on,

stepping into a executive position, in the department "Event Production" at the Red Bull Air Race GmbH.


As a setup manager at Red Bull Air Race,

my job responsibilities covered these and other activities:

CAD layout and detail planning

Race Airport 3D overview planning Race Airport

Team Leader Event Production Crew Race Airport

Cross-trade construction and dismantling of Race Airport

Purchase of material for the entire Red Bull Air Race Event Production

Planning, tendering and purchasing of temporary event structures


After many years in the planning, organization and execution of these major international events,

I decided to work on my own.



Wiener Straße 166D
A-8051 Graz

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